About Mizu Live

Our Team

Humphreys Mkandawire is a co-founder of Mizu Live. He also serves as a Pastor in Lilongwe. It was the COVID-19 pandemic that sparked Humphreys’ passion for Live Streaming.

Kate Mkandawire is a co-founder of Mizu Live. Kate serves as an administrator and finance officer for Mizu Live.

Wanangwa Mkandawire works as an administrator at Mizu Live. He is able to assist with streaming and event management.

Our Services


Live Stream through Social Media

At Mizu Live we can stream your event from multiple angles, with high quality audio onto as many different social media platforms as you desire (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Zoom and others)


At Mizu Live we have professional photographers who can capture your event and share those photos in live timing, as the event is happening through your desired social media platforms.

Event Management

At Mizu Live we can help you manage your event including logistics, venue, partners and streaming.

Live Stream a class or meeting through Zoom

At Mizu Live we can set up for you to participate and contribute to an online class, conference or meeting with access to good visual and audio sharing.

Video Recording

At Mizu Live we can record, edit and share your desired video content.

live streamed event EXAMPLES

National Conferences

At Mizu Live we have facilitated the Live Streaming of National conferences, with the President of Malawi as a key speaker.

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Online Classes

At Mizu Live we regularly facilitate online classes and courses.

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